Saturday, January 3, 2015

Abbey is 3!

What?  What did I just type?  I can't believe that sentence is actually a correct sentence.  How did Abbey turn 3 years old so quickly?

Well, I can't change the fact that you're 3 years old.  But, I can cherish every moment with you.  And, that is what I really tried hard to do each day with you this past year.  Here are some of those special cherished moments that I caught on "film".  I think they tell a bit of a story on what you were like as a two year old.

You're such a fun girl with a contagious laugh!

You're so silly.  You are also very determined...when you set out to accomplish something, nothing gets in your way.  (Like your determination to bathe in this pretend baby doll bath.)
You look up to your big brother and are so proud of him.  You tell everyone you meet about "Luke, your Big Brother."
You have a way of getting all of us to join in your shenanigans.  Here, you had us all do the potty dance, on day 3 of our 3-day potty training, early in the year. 

So silly!  And your face is always needing to be wiped!

There's the laugh and smile you give when you have just done something silly!

Party with your "friends."

you're always giving sweet hugs

Every time you see a puddle--it must be splashed in.  :-)

Your favorite place is in daddy's arms.

You just exude so much joy!  Daddy and I often say that "Joy" may have suited you even better as a name.

You are always willing to try something new, but are very careful about it.  You were excited to try "Texas Sledding", but made sure you held Daddy's hand all the way down.
Those eyes!
You're always offering us sweet gifts--like a sniff of a fresh flower you picked.
You love playing in the sand and dirt, but make sure to do so in the most prissy ways possible. 

We all love your sweet kisses.

That brain of yours is always thinking! You amaze us with the things you say and do, which are many times well beyond your age!
Momma's girl!

You love dressing up and fashion.  You also really enjoy reading!  You can't read by yourself yet, but you can identify and know all the sounds each of the the letters make and enjoy hearing others read you stories.

And your dancing is the most adorable thing ever to watch!
You always have something to say--it's usually either something sweet or sassy. And there is the prissy sand digging again.

You love to paint!

You were the most adorable puppy ("toto") for Halloween.  You made sure to stay "in character" while trick or treating.
Cutest little sack-racer ever!
This is the excitement you show every day for daddy's arrival home from work.  Daddy is just as excited to get to come home to that every day!
Ornery look.  And wow, you have really grown up a lot this past year.  You are transitioning from my baby girl to my little girl.

Abbey--you are SO LOVED!  If I could only use one word to describe you, it would have to be "Joy".  Happy 3rd Birthday sweet girl.  Mommy and Daddy are so proud to be your parents and we know what a blessing God has gifted us with in you! 

Lastly, I wanted to make sure I posted a little video of you, so I could record your personality, voice, etc. at this moment in time.  It's nothing super-special, but here is a short little video clip of me interacting with you last night.  Abbey, I love your sweet voice, that "squeaks" with joy and happiness in every sentence!

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