Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Abbey's 3rd Birthday

A few weeks ago we celebrated Abbey's 3rd birthday.  (Sorry for the delay in posting!)  Abbey is at such a fun, cute age right now.   Pretty much everything that she does is just so adorable--well, except for maybe the "three-nager-ish" stuff.  (In case you missed the article that was floating around a couple of weeks ago and don't know what a "three-nager" is, just click here.)

We had a wonderful time celebrating Abbey's 3rd year--it was an intimate celebration with just Drew, Luke, Abbey and me on her actual birthday.  

Here is a video of us singing Happy Birthday to Abbey (please ignore my singing voice--so embarrassing):

She loved her healthi-fied cupcakes that she and Luke helped me make.

She elaborated in this video:

She also is a big fan of her new art smock from Grandma and Grandpa---as is obvious by this photo:

Abbey also felt pretty special getting to celebrate in Sugar Land with Mimi, Papa, Erica, Andy, Mitchell, Audrey and Lauren (Drew's parents, sister, b-i-l, nephew, and nieces) when we visited them last month:

that tongue is always working when she is the center of attention
Hooray for cake and homemade ice cream!
So much fun!

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