Saturday, April 4, 2015

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone!

This is the first Easter in a long time that we are not among lots of family.  With the recent move and TONS of stuff going on here on our "to do" list, we just couldn't make it out of town for the weekend.  But, we have also really enjoyed just being home and starting some traditions for our little family.

Abbey has a little "Happy Easter" wish for you in this short video below (or click here

Also, I know I have mentioned BSF before, but I really cannot say enough good things about it!  Not only do I love the deep Bible Study, but they have an amazing children's program (from infants all the way up through High School).  Luke and Abbey are already having "quiet time" and have learned so much.  In fact, even Abbey has learned to share the gospel!  She learned this at age 2!  And, here she is at just 3 years old telling the gospel in this video:

We don't want our Easter to be focused too much on candy, presents, and Easter egg hunts. While those things are fun and there really is absolutely nothing wrong with them, I really want the kids to understand and take time remembering Jesus' death (which was a sacrifice for our sins), His burial and His resurrection. Inadvertently, we did not attend a single "egg hunt" this year. In fact, we didn't even dye Easter eggs. It really wasn't intentional--believe me I really wanted to do these things and even had them "planned." But, time got away from us. And, I am actually not sad about not being able to do these things this year. I really feel by not doing them, we have been able to focus on the reason we celebrate the Easter Holiday. This Easter Sunday, we are planning to start our day by going to church. Then, we are going to have a simple lunch at home where as we tell the kids the story of Jesus death, burial and resurrection again. And, we even have a little gift for the kids--but we will remind them that the gift of Jesus is the best gift anyone could ever receive. We will also hunt some plastic eggs that we have at home on Easter afternoon. I want to teach the kids that an egg means new life. It reminds us that there is a new life inside that can come out (just like little chicks). We celebrate Easter because that is the day that Jesus came out of the grave, ALIVE! An empty egg is a reminder of that. Just as Abbey said in the first video above. "He is not here. For He is risen as he said!" (Matthew 28:6).  Don't worry--we will hide some eggs with some fun surprises inside also.  I hope it will be a fun and memorable day for the kids and they will move forward from it knowing even more about the importance of Jesus in our lives.   I will be sure to take lots of pictures and you know I will be back with a post to document!

 Happy Easter everyone! 

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