Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Our Pool is officially open....

I guess this post could be my second post in the series, "My Favorite Spaces," because I can tell there will be many fun memories created in our pool.  When we purchased our home, honestly, the thing I was least excited about was the pool that came with it.   I think it was because the fun and excitement of it was overshadowed by the safety concerns and the upkeep of it.  However, I am learning that so far, it really hasn't been too difficult to take care of.  Also, I have made it a mission to stress to the kids how important it is not to ever go near the pool unless an adult (mom or dad) is with them.  And then, they need to wear a floatation device until they know how to swim!  I feel like they understand now how important it is to adhere to those rules, but I am REALLY looking forward to them getting swim lessons!

We moved into our home in mid-March and we have been taking care of the pool since then, excited for each day that we got closer to pool season.  Well, pool season is now here in central Texas and we officially opened our pool a week ago or so.  We have had a lot of rain since we opened our pool, and the water temperature hasn't quite gotten up to the point where you can just jump in and not get hit with the shocking effects of the cold.  So, this was only our second time swimming in it.  You have to put your feet in....then gradually go down the steps and let your body adjust to the temperature.  Drew decided to push me in on Saturday to give me a quick introduction to the cold temperature.   Then, he pushed Luke in (while he had a floatation device on).  So, of course Luke and I teamed up and Luke pushed daddy in when he least expected it.  Now, we were ready for some fun!

Abbey was pretty brave adjusting to the cold temperature.  Here, she is getting her little toesies used to the water temperature.
Ready to swim.....oh, and that is a size 5 swimsuit.  How is my baby wearing a size 5 already?
After getting used to the water, the kids had a blast swimming back and forth across the pool, practicing kicking their feet and paddling with their hands.  They were both in floaties; but still it was great practice for understanding the science behind swimming.   I love this picture of Luke in mid-air jumping from the top step.

Abbey's turn to swim to daddy.
It looks like Abbey is keeping an eye out on Luke to make sure he isn't going faster than she is....ha!

This is the face Abbey makes when we mention her "look of determination."

Fun times---and looking forward to many more fun pool days this summer.

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