Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Wedding, travel, car wash and a visitor!

June has been a very busy month--but in a good way.  Just 4 days after my family left our house, we were traveling to Oklahoma for my cousin Whitney's wedding.  My family actually planned their trip  to visit us long ago, before knowing the date of my cousin's wedding  Coordinating that many schedules to visit us at the same time (you may recall there were 15 visitors) obviously took some planning ahead.  So, when we found out the date of Whitney's wedding, we decided not to change the date of their visit.  Plus, I am all for seeing everyone more frequently--especially with my mom's deteriorating health.

So, we headed to Oklahoma for a short weekend trip to celebrate my cousin's marriage!  It was a beautiful wedding and it was so good to see all the extended family.

Whitney and Will (photo courtesy of Tulsa photo and videography).  Isn't my cousin such a beautiful bride?

This was the first wedding for Luke and Abbey to attend.  So, I was wondering how they might act throughout the ceremony, reception, etc.  I think they really enjoyed their first wedding.

The girls had fun dressing up, since we rarely do that.  Here my sister Holly and I are with our mom and our daughters.  This is a special picture to me.
Drew and I before the wedding

my cousin and my uncle walking down the isle....so pretty

Luke, as you can see was very interested in the wedding.  Smartphone games came in handy for miss Abbey during the ceremony.

Our nephew, Traber, was a pretty cute ring bearer.  Luke wanted to check out his special pillow after the wedding.

And, the little girls wasted no time when the music came on to begin dancing.  They danced the night away.  It was pretty entertaining.  :-)  Here is a video, but please ignore the commentary.

We headed back home the following day, because we had a busy week ahead, including Vacation Bible School during each weekday morning the following week (last week).

We managed to fit in a car wash during the afternoon one day last week.  Our van was in desperate need for a good washing.  Earlier last week, the entire back windshield of the van broke while it was parked in the garage.  My guess is that somehow a tiny rock ricocheted from the riding mower blade while mowing the front yard.   Our garage is side entry though, so I really have no idea how that happened.  Anyway, after repairing that, the van had a new, clean back window.  I just had to clean the rest of the van to match.  Of course, with two small children always at home, any time I want to wash the car, I am going to have 2 very eager helpers.  So as you can imagine, we had lots of fun (although it probably took way longer than normal) with our car wash.   We kept it pretty civil, by constantly rotating jobs so there was no fighting over who got the sprayer and who was washing with the glove or the brush.  Since this, sadly, is a rare event, I grabbed my phone and snapped some quick pictures.

We got that car sparkling clean inside and out!  

Then, the next day, we picked up one of Drew's friends, who was in town.  Matt was Drew's college roommate and his best man at our wedding.  He was in San Antonio for a conference, so he delayed his trip home to Indianapolis by a day so he could visit with us.  We had such a good time with him.  The kids absolutely adored him.  In fact,  Abbey cried at the airport when he left our car and she discovered he was going back to his house.  Also, any time we ate a meal, Luke always asked to sit by "daddy's friend."  Drew was so glad to get to spend some quality time with his friend.   the last time they saw each other was 7 years ago, at our wedding.

Drew and Matt
Luke wanted to be in a photo.  With these tall guys, he practically had to be held to actually be in the photo.  
Speaking of "seven years ago at our wedding", the day after we dropped Matt off at the airport was exactly our 7-year wedding anniversary.  What?  How did that many years pass by so quickly.  This anniversary, because we were both so busy with stuff, was kind of funny and different for us.  The extent of our celebration involved both awaking Sunday morning, rolling over in bed and saying, "Happy Anniversary."   After that, it was a normal Sunday for us.  Ha!  Though, we will make some time soon for a date and reminisce on our seven years of marriage.  So much has happened this past 7 years, that we really should spend some time thinking about it all and giving God the glory for the great things He has done.

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