Friday, July 17, 2015

Things I want to remember about Abbey at age 3.5

Little Miss Abbey is growing up more quickly than I would desire. I don't want to miss or forget any aspect of who she is at 3.5.  But, I feel if I blink, she will suddenly be 4.  Before I forget what she is like today, I thought it would be a good idea to write it down!  I plan on writing a post on Luke soon as well.  I don't want to forget what my sweet little guy is up to lately either.

Your Name is What?  

Currently, Abbey enjoys naming each of her stuffed animals and dolls.  And, I don't mean name them once and then call them that name going forward.  She names them a very creative name, and it sticks for a day or two. Then, I say, for example, to her turtle, " Oh what are you and Paddly doing right now?"  She quickly corrects me, "Her name is not 'Paddly' it's 'Madily'."  She actually comes up with some great names.  For example, her panda is usually named "Bamboo."   She loves to name things after fruits as well.  If an animal or doll is wearing or has some red on it, it is often named "strawberry."  A few days ago, we were playing in the front yard with some of her ponies. She had told me the one I was pretending with was named "Vanilla."  It was a white horse with a lot of fancy blue accents in its saddle and decorations.  A little while into our play, the horse's name became "blueberry."  Right before we finished playing, that horse was named, "eyeball."  I have no idea where that came from, but she and Luke laughed every time I said its name so I am sure that was her intent--to be silly.  Abbey loves to be silly and make others laugh.

Tiny Dancer and Fashionista
Abbey is such a girly girl.  This morning, while Luke and I were doing our usual Thursday cleaning we were playing some fun music really loudly.  It makes cleaning more fun.   I asked Abbey if she could pick up a couple of pairs of her shoes that were laying out.  She said with a little bit of sass, "But I am REALLY busy dancing." But, my sweetie pie did eventually pick up those shoes without me asking again.  Although, she did so in a fluttering way all the way to the shoe closet--in true Abbey fashion.   She loves to pick out her outfits each day.  She loves fashion, clothes and shoes.

She made my day one day when she asked to wear a dress my mom made for me or my sister when we were little girls.  My mom used to smock dresses for me and my sister.  This dress is a treasure to me because it was something my mom made with her hands.  With my mom's deteriorating health, I am even more appreciative of every memory I have of her. 

Painted Nails
Abbey has been asking me lately if she could have her toenails painted.  I usually have mine painted, although I don't believe she has actually seen me in the process of painting them.  I never paint my finger nails, so I don't even know if she knows about people commonly painting those.  My toenails are currently painted blue, which is her favorite color.  I remembered that she was gifted with some "Piggy Paints" (non-toxic nail polish for little kids) some time ago, and we were waiting until she was the right age to appreciate it.  Well, that day arrived.  So, I asked her if she wanted her nails painted.  She was so excited!  Of course she said, "yes," and then very quickly said, "let me go get my paint."   She headed to our craft area and was getting out her favorite craft paint shade of blue.  "Aw, darling, I'm sorry, you have to use special paint for your toenails called 'nail polish'," I told her.  She wasn't let down at all though.   She simply fluttered behind me (she always flutters everywhere she goes) and sat down eagerly waiting for the polish to paint her darling little nails.

Look at those tan little toes.
Astute & Love Language
Abbey picks up on everything going on around her.  From overhearing Luke and I work on different topics at school, she has learned them.  For example, she can count to one hundred, she can count by 10's to one hundred, and can count by 5's to one hundred just because she has overheard Luke and I work on that.  She likes to be able to do everything that we can do.  She is a perfectionist too and "words of affirmation" is most definitely her love language.  For example, when we are swimming in our pool and we remind her that she needs to kick her legs more when swims to us,  she very quickly says, "I will next time, let me try it again."  Then, she will do it again, almost always better, and will look for those words of affirmation when she asks, "How did I do that time?"

Little Charmer
She has also learned how to work the pouty face.  Unfortunately, it is often very effective.  She can work that pouty face and most often get a reaction out of whomever she is targeting.  The most effective method is when you are holding her, and she puts her hands gently on your face so that your eyes are looking directly into hers.  Then, for added measure, she will add a couple of kisses on the cheek and an eskimo kiss.   I would say that is effective about 95% of the time in her getting what she is seeking.

Goodness gracious I love her so much!  I could just hug and kiss her all day!  Everything about her just makes me want to hug her tightly and smother her with kisses!
She gives the best hugs and kisses. She likes Drew to take her to bed.  She insists on giving him a big hug and a few kisses every night before she sleeps.  Then, in the morning, when she awakes she comes into our bedroom and says to both me and Drew, "let me give you a good morning kiss."  She also says, "now you need a good morning hug."   And, she continues to give out these fabulous hugs and sweet kisses all throughout the day at the most unexpected but delightful times.

4-course Breakfast
Abbey currently has a 4-course breakfast.  She sits in her high chair and eats one thing (for example, toast with peanut butter), finishes it and asks, "what else can I have?"  So, I give her some homemade granola.   She devours it and asks again, "what else can I have?"  So I give her some plain organic yogurt with chopped up bananas in it.  Again, she finishes it and then asks, "what else can I have?"  I ask, "how about some fruit--watermelon, pear or apple?"  She picks one, eats a bowl of it, and then is usually ready to go for the day.   Thankfully, she doesn't eat that way the rest of the day.  I guess she just really feels breakfast is the most important meal of the day. :-)    

Currently, I think it is cute and awesome that Abbey adds "ed" to every word that she intends on making past tense.   I guess she has gathered that most words are made past tense with "ed" added to the end, but it doesn't work with a lot of words.  One example is "eated."  The funny thing is that she used to say most of these words correctly (she used to use "ate" instead of "eated.")  Randomly one day a month ago or so she changed them all.  She also makes sure to enunciate the "ed" part of past tense words that are supposed to have the "ed" at the end--although still not correct.  For example, she pronounces "watched" as a two-syllable word, "watch-ed." I think it is adorable, and we are just rolling with it for now, knowing that she will learn it soon.  I also find it cute that although she can clearly say the "s" sound, any word that end in "s", she ends with the "k" sound.  For example, she pronounces, "Jesus" as "Jesuk."  So, when she sings "Jesus loves me" it sounds like "Yeck, Jesuk lovesk me." These are things I want to remember.  :-)  

The Pretender
She is so good at pretending with whatever she happens to have in her hands.  And sometimes, she even pretends that her hands are characters and pretends with them (for example, when she is in the car).  Listening to her pretend is often very entertaining.  I overheard her recently pretending that her Woody action figure had a couple of pet dinosaurs.  So, I grabbed my phone and tried to capture a video of it.  Of course, I interrupted her play a little and it would have been better if I could of been sneaky about capturing it without her seeing me.  Not the best video, I still got a little bit of the storyline.  I just know some day I am going to cherish having videos of her sweet little voice just being her.  I need to take way more of these types of videos.  She is growing up!    So I end this post with this little video:

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