Sunday, August 23, 2015

Just a Swingin'

With all the big live oaks surrounding us in our new home, I knew that one project had to be added to our list soon after we moved here:  a tree swing!

It has been pushed pretty far down on the list in priority.  But after I finished the kitchen table and Abbey's mirror recently, I was able to convince Drew that this fun project could be completed quickly next.  So, on one weekend morning, we got started.

We used the tree swing plans on the Lowe's Canada website:  

We had wood leftover from a previous project, so Drew just used the Lowe's plan and glued to cut pieces together.

He made sure to sand it well, so the two pieces went together seamlessly.

After researching and looking at so many different plans, we decided this looked the most simple and would be great for our tree.  We decided to put it in our front yard, because it is one of our favorite places to hang out (I know, I need to do a "my favorite spaces" post, because it has been a while).  We followed the directions exactly, however, we still ended up with too little of rope once we made the recommended cuts.  We should have added at least of foot of rope for each side.  After paying $14 for the rope, I didn't want to go back to the store and have to buy another $14 worth of rope.  So, we decided to relocate the rope to a different tree that had a thinner branch, thus giving us more rope slack.   This location is actually ideal and is our favorite spot for the swing.  However,with the limb being smaller than our original plan, the swing is probably geared more towards children.   The branch definitely sways a bit when an adult uses the swing.  I tried it anyway though, and it is SO. MUCH. FUN.  So, we have decided to modify it to be able to go back to the original spot so adults can enjoy it too.   Or, we may just spend another $14 on some rope and buy some more wood to make another swing for adults.  I am fine with either as long as I get to swing.  :-)  It really is so much fun!

Here are a few pictures of Luke and Abbey enjoying it.

While Luke can swing all by himself, Abbey needed a little push.  So, big brother came to assist.  He loves to make her laugh. 
Daddy was pushing her from behind in this photo--and was also making her giggle.
While they were waiting to take turns, I decided to snap some photos of each child.  The sun was setting and thus the lighting was just gorgeous, so I felt like it was required that I take more photos!  

Goodness I love these kids!

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