Wednesday, September 16, 2015

An Expressive Little Girl

Our little girl has always been so expressive. I have countless photos of her with many different Abbey "faces." Here are just a few of her early faces.

Then there was this series of photos I snapped within about one minute.   Tons of different faces.  So expressive!

And then, my favorite of all was Abbey's "look".  Here is a photo:

Precious little girl had no hair.  We looked pretty similar when I was going through chemotherapy treatment. 
Here's a little video of the "look" which she did on command.  She had just turned one year old when this was taken.

And here are some of her recent expressions:

And this seems to be a combo of her original "look", duck lips and some sort of directional instruction.   :-)

This is definitely Drew's favorite.  He first noticed her doing this one night while he was brushing her teeth before bed.  She was looking in the mirror at herself giving these "looks."  He called me in there and I knew I had to capture a photo of it the next day.  So, I did. 
I love our sweet, hilarious, Abbey!

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