Thursday, September 10, 2015

Exploring Cousins

We got to spend a lot of good quality time with my family this past Labor Day Weekend. We all needed this special time together, in light of my mom's current condition.  We spent nearly the entire weekend at my parents' home. However, on Labor Day morning, we took the kids to Woodward park for a little exploration and adventure.  Here is the full flickr album with the better quality photos (and additional photos than what are posted here):

We started out with some swinging while we waited for the rest of the cousins to arrive.

Happy little one year old!  We celebrated his first birthday this weekend.

You know Abbey loves to swing!

Luke and Traber were digging for fossils. 

Other cousins began arriving.  Yet, the adults decided to make an American Ninja Warrior course out of the playground.  It was fun!

Time for more exploration

all together

I asked my pretty sis if I could take a picture of her--she obliged.

My sister's youngest, Linnea, looks so much like her when she was little--we found a photo of Holly from when she was little and Linnea thought it was a photo of herself!  Ha!

I love that photo bomber!

These two are pretty sweet!

and cute!

Brody is definitely the leader of the pack!

There is our sweetie pie!

Father and son.  Sawyer is getting a little tired I believe at this point.

There's Brody directing the pack.

A live totem pole.


I guess someone said something funny.

They wanted to see how big they could make it.  Everything is a competition with this bunch.

The kids were getting tired...

But before we left, one more totem pole of my sister and her two girls.

Daddy to the rescue--he gave Abbey a ride to the car.

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