Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween Fun!

Recently, the kids and I were at Sprout's Farmer's Market grocery store in the check out line and they spotted some tiny pumpkins for sale.  They were $.99 a piece, which I thought wasn't a bad deal.  So, after the kids asked and gave me their adorable "please" faces, of course I said "yes."  Besides, it was just a few days until Halloween and we had done a total of zero Halloween themed activities.  We had purchased no pumpkins yet.  We had no decorations up.  It was so sad.  

They were so excited about their little pumpkins.  They decided they wanted to paint them, and asked repeatedly to do so as soon as we arrived home with the groceries.  I put the perishable groceries in the fridge and we immediately set up our painting station outdoors.  Abbey wasn't feeling well--she had fever and terrible coughing all night long the previous night and got no sleep at all (I know, because I didn't get any sleep either).  But, this activity really helped to take her mind off of being ill.   

As usual, Abbey's pumpkin was full of color.

Luke had a very specific plan for his little pumpkin.  Any ideas what he may be going for here?

That face slays me...

Any ideas what he is attempting? Snow man?   No.  Marshmallow?  No.

I love hearing their little conversations at the table.  So precious.

That face again!  Ha!

Although she added many colors, the pumpkin began looking like one solid color that was a combination of all of them. A good lesson in color science I guess.

Sweet Little Hands.

And this is one of Luke's concentration faces.
The finished product.  Can you tell what it is now? 

Happy Rainbow Pumpkin.

The kids discussed naming their pumpkins.  This picture was taken right after Abbey announced that her pumpkin was named, "Luke." 

And this is where Luke was telling her she couldn't name it Luke.  He was giving her some other suggestions.  I guess there can only be one "Luke" in our house.  :-)
More name suggestions by Luke.

Happy Rainbow pumpkin and Star Wars Stormtrooper pumpkin.  I helped Luke a bit with the face but it still looks as if it were drawn by a 6 year old.  Ha!

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