Sunday, October 11, 2015

Happy 6th Birthday, Luke!

My birthday picture letter to Luke!

How can our sweet little boy already be 6?  Luke, here are some words that describe you right now:

Soccer player

Innovative--here, you built a rocket out of our junk mail.
Awesome big brother

Adventurous matter how much or frequently I feed you. I guess you are a growing boy!
A good friend to many!

big helper!
Great at focusing on the task at hand.


A great student

Lego and Robotics-loving little guy!

My cuddler--physical touch is your love language!
Okay, I could go on and on forever with words and pictures to describe you.  You have such a kind, compassionate, sensitive heart.  I am so thankful I get to be your mom.  What a huge blessing!  Since you love Legos so much, this year we planned a Lego party the day before your birthday.  You invited neighbor friends, lots of friends that you homeschool with and some nearby family (Mimi, Papa, aunt Erica, Uncle Andy, and cousins Audrey and Lauren).  (We later celebrated your birthday with our Oklahoma family on your birthday, 10/4.)

When guests arrived, they made a mask at the "build your own lego mask" station.

Abbey's lego mask...
Here is your mask.
Ava's cowgirl mask.  Yee-haw!
Benjamin is coming up with ideas for his mask here.
After creating your mask, you peaked through the picture frame for a quick photo.

Two little cowgirls, Kaylee and Kinsey.

Mason, the secret agent

3 silly cousins, Audrey, Abbey and Lauren.

Brother and Sister, Austin and Ava.
Jester brothers, Jack and Benjamin

There was lots of food to eat.  Even the youngest ones (like Grace) enjoyed the yummy treats.

It was a gorgeous day for an outside party!

We played "Pin the head on the Lego man!"

Everyone had a turn.


We also hid 6 Paper Lego Minifigures around the yard.  Each of the Lego Minifigures was also a fun coloring sheet and had a Lego Mixels tattoo attached.  Whoever found these got to keep them and bring them home to color the minifigure (and, of course, wear the tattoos).  You said this was one of your favorite games.  I didn't get a picture of it.  Sorry!

Cousin Audrey enjoyed swinging!
Your cupcakes were chocolate and banana pumpkin-flavored. I also made some chocolate Lego minifigures and Lego bricks for the top of the cupcakes.

I just took this photo of the cupcakes today, a week after your party.  These were the two sad cupcakes that were left. These two had the broken chocolate mini-figures on top.

Time for cake and to sing happy birthday to our sweet 6-year old!

Make a wish! 

we made a number 6 out of legos for the top of your cupcake.

Austin and Kinsey building their Lego mini-figure party favors.

There was fun music to dance to--little Matthew loves to dance and is "getting down" in this photo.
You told us that was your favorite party ever!  I think that the people who attended are the ones who helped make it your best party ever.

Thanks to our family and friends who helped make Luke's party a success.  The most important thing for him was your presence!   We love you all. 

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