Saturday, October 31, 2015

Our 2015 Sweet Berry Farm Pumpkin Patch visit

Here is a picture of Luke, Drew and I (and Abbey in my belly) when we visited Sweet Berry Farm in October 2011.
We had been looking forward to our Homeschool Field Trip to Sweet Berry Farm for a while.  It was originally scheduled for October 23rd and we were on the wait list for the trip, as it was already full (there are a TON of homeschool moms in our local homeschooling group).  But, a deluge visited our area that weekend, which caused the trip to be rescheduled. The trip was rescheduled for Friday, 10/30.  Because of the new date, many of the moms who had rsvp'd for the 23rd weren't able to attend on 10/30.  This opened up some new spots for other families (like us).  We were excited to get to RSVP.  But, as the date got closer, we realized it may get canceled due to more rain forecast for that date.  Oh no!

I didn't want the kids to completely miss out on our trip to the Sweet Berry Farm pumpkin patch.  So, we canceled our RSVP for the homeschool group field trip and decided to go on Thursday, 10/29 instead.  A couple of other homeschool families did the same, therefore we coordinated to go at the same time.  I am so glad we did, as the field trip scheduled for Friday, 10/30, was cancelled due to rain.  (And we got so much rain that there was terrible flooding in our area).  Abbey still had a bad cough on Thursday.  But, the fever was gone and she felt well, so we went.  We were there for over 4 hours and had tons of fun!  And the best part was enjoying it with friends!  Here are just some photos of our fun there.

She was a little too short to stick her head through the cutouts.  She was on her tip-toes here.  :-)

Strawberry dude!

Silly face tractor driver.

The kids spent a TON of time with the goats.  They loved them.

I was surprised how interested Luke was in the goats. He is normally afraid of animals.

This is one of our friends, Colton.  He is adorable.  Lately, he likes to carry around this black purse with butterflies all over it.  What is he carrying in that purse, you may ask?  Why, dominoes, of course!

Some of Luke and Abbey's friends. 

I love this picture.  Luke's friend, Brayden, on the right, looks super cool.  Benjamin just said something funny and has Luke laughing hysterically.  The boys climbed all over this poor truck.

The kids bounced on the huge bouncy pillow forever!

Brayden must have propelled Luke even higher when he landed, because it looks like Luke is shooting up like a rocket.

The flower fields were beautiful.

I asked our friend, Matthew, to show me his flower. This is what I got.  Love it!

My friend, Melissa, and her two boys. 
My friend, Sarah, with one of her three boys.

Luke and Abbey's favorite part of the day was the hayride.  I didn't get any great pictures of it, because it was extremely bouncy and we were in and out of shade.  We had so much fun the whole day though.  It was a gorgeous day. The weather couldn't have been more perfect.  The drive was breathtaking.  We made fun memories with friends.  Happy Halloween!

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