Sunday, November 8, 2015

Foggy Fall Mornings

We have had an unusual amount of rain this month.  Our temperatures are finally beginning to fall.  It is beginning to look like fall here in central Texas. 

We often do our schoolwork at our kitchen table. I love the location of our kitchen table.  Our home sits on the highest part of our lot, and the rest of the yard slopes down.  So, when you sit at our kitchen table, you can look out the bay window and see the yard and the tree-lined outer border of our yard.  We love watching the sunset at dinner every night from this spot.  One morning recently as we were doing our schoolwork, we kept gawking out the big bay windows at the gorgeous, dense fog that blanketed our yard. I really wanted to go outside and explore it, but the kids wanted to do a little more schoolwork first.  I was just so giddy about it though.  I think the kids finally got tired of me talking about it, so they obliged and we went outside to explore it.  As the temperature was warming up, the fog was starting to roll away.  We got outside just in time.  I grabbed my camera on the way out the door.  I am so glad I did--I love the fog photos!   And fog seems to be so rare here.

He's probably laughing at Abbey here.
Goodness I love him!

She told me she was a tiger about to pounce here.

I love how she looks up to Luke. 

sweet siblings!

Luke was telling her about something here.


We found an interesting, nearly see-through, mushroom.
It was actually a great little science lesson.  We rarely talk about fog, since it is just something we don't see often.  We learned that fog is basically a low-lying cloud.  The kids loved learning that we were walking through a "cloud".

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