Tuesday, December 15, 2015

A Fun Week with Grandpa!

My dad booked a one way flight to Austin a week before Thanksgiving, so that he could spend a week with us.  We were so excited for grandpa to be able to join us in our daily adventures.  We had so much fun!  I didn't bring the camera along for every adventure with him that week.  But, I managed to snap a few photos of our fun together.

I try to take advantage of all of the free fun around town.  On Thursdays, the local art museum is free.  So, we took grandpa on a tour of it.

Luke was pointing at a huge airplane near the ceiling. 

I made a scavenger hunt for the kids to complete, to make it more of an interactive and fun visit for them.

We also played "I spy" in some of the rooms of the museum.

Those are some really old pots!

I love the gold color in this one.  This is an artists rendition of Jesus and his mother, Mary.

Abbey asks, "where are his arms and legss...and head...?"

My dad and I introduced the kids to this fun toy, which was in one of the rooms of the museum.

We also went fishing on Thursday afternoon and Friday with my grandpa.

Grandpa taught them all about fishing..from how to put the lure on the line....

to how to cast and patiently wait for a bite.

On Friday night, we made dinner at the fire pit. 

We topped it off with some smores for dessert.

On Saturday, we did some hiking at McKinney Falls park in Austin.

My dad found a nice little tree to rest on during our hike.
We had a lot more fun, but I guess I forgot to snap some photos.  We can't wait for grandpa's next visit to our home!  We would love for him to join us in more adventures.

After my dad's visit for that super-fun week, we then drove to my parents' house in Oklahoma for Thanksgiving on the Wednesday before.  Let me just say--it has been a really tough couple of months on all of us without mom.  Mom was my best friend!  It was really hard to go back to their home.  I had no idea it would hit me as hard as it did.  But, memories just kept hitting me--like a flood, when I arrived.  I opened the closet in my old bedroom to hang some of our clothes up, and I noticed one of her winter coats was in there.  Quickly, without even thinking, I began sniffing it repeatedly.  I yearned so greatly to smell her, as to be able to feel like part of her was still present with us.  On Thanksgiving day as we prepped for the big meal in the kitchen, I kept feeling like she was just going to come down the hall and walk into the kitchen to join us.  Her death just doesn't seem to be real.  It is just so hard to believe!  My family members are really supporting one another though, and I know my dad has a ton of good local support with family, friends and church family, so that all gives me peace.  We sure do miss mom (and grandma) and I know Christmas won't be easy.  But, it definitely gives us peace and hope knowing that she had a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  We believe we will be reunited with her someday in heaven for eternity! 

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