Sunday, December 27, 2015

Goodbye Facebook--at least for a little while.

Hi Y'all!

About a week and a half ago, I posted on Facebook a short goodbye message:  "Hello friends!  I am taking a break from Facebook--it may be a 30 day break, but it could be longer or even permanent..."  I was beginning to feel like Facebook had become too much of an idol for me.  I know that probably sounds strange to most people.    Especially those who know me well and know I do not spend more than probably 20-30 minutes total per day on Facebook (at maximum).    But, an idol is any person, object, or even activity that you give a higher priority in your life than a relationship with God.   It can be your home, your job, your hobby, a car/vehicle, relationship and even your family.  An idol can be your home, your computer (or what you look at on your computer--Facebook).  It could be any sin.  Hey, it could even be the work that you do for the Lord but that consumes all your time and energy.  Our God is a jealous God and He wants our time and attention.  For me, Facebook was becoming a bit of an idol, because my "idle" thoughts were often focused on Facebook and what "news" I may be missing.  My Facebook had become a conglomerate of friends, acquaintances, product/company page likes (131 to be exact), groups (homeschool groups, recipe groups, yard sale groups, etc.--way too many of them), events, and so much more.  Although I really didn't spend a lot of time total on it each day, I was getting notifications all day from all the groups I was a part of, and would use my "free minute" here and there to check it.  Stuck at a light with a train?  Check Facebook.  Kids are playing well together for a moment and don't need me?  Check Facebook.  On a road trip to visit family?  Check Facebook.  Do you see the trend?  I can definitely see how a "jealous God" could be saddened by where my thoughts and time were being spent.  I am positive He would rather it go something like this...

Stuck at a light?   Talk to God.
Kids playing well together?  Thank God for it.
On a road trip?  Talk to husband about what God has done in your life lately.

Anyway, that is a big reason why I hopped off Facebook.  When/if I get back on I am going to need to seriously overhaul my account.  I love all of the education/news I receive--but perhaps I need to limit how much I am receiving.  I love checking up on how all my friends are doing.  But, perhaps I need to weed out my friends list to try to keep it to actual friends/family vs. acquaintances or folks I may have met one time.   I hadn't made it all the way through my news feed in months due to the length of it.  There was also the drama of Facebook though with likes/comments, etc. Anyway, I believe you understand that there were many reasons that I felt personally convicted of leaving--at least for a while.  I have decided before I was going to limit my Facebook time, yet was unsuccessful.  Therefore, this time I deleted the Facebook application from my phone.  My "self control" needed a little help and deleting the app was just the help it needed.

I know it has only been a short time that I have been off Facebook, but let me tell you---it is so freeing!!!   It has felt as if a burden has been lifted.  I feel like my time has been more focused on my children.   Now, it's time for me to deepen my relationship with the Lord again!

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