Sunday, December 6, 2015

Hiking, Hiking, Hiking

Oh man, I love fall in Austin.  I seriously believe we live in one of the greatest cities!  There is so much to do in the Austin metro area that is just right up our alley.  Drew and I absolutely adore being outside any chance we get. And, the weather here, combined with all of the amazing places within the city limits makes it the perfect place for us to live.  Within the city, there are countless parks and hiking trails.  When you go to these trails, you truly do not feel you are within a large metropolis.  You feel like you are out in the wilderness.  Fall is our favorite season to take advantage of all of the awesome hiking.

With Luke's arm being broken, it is one of the few activities in which he can participate.  For me, that is even more of an excuse to do it every chance we get!  Below are photos of some of our recent hikes:

McKinney Falls in the heart of Austin.

Rock-skipping master!

We found a really cool rock overhang.
It was so extremely windy on this day--so we all look a bit windblown-ha!  She looks adorable though whatever her hair looks like!

My dad found a great natural seat.
Abbey decided daddy needed some help reading the trail map.

climbing rocks at Zilker

At Twin Falls...the weekend after Luke broke his arm.
Twin falls in another gem in the heart of Austin.

the self-timer on the camera sure does come in handy!
It is so difficult to restrain Luke from doing all the things he instinctively likes to do--like climb, balance on logs, etc.
So, we let him---but with assistance.

But, I wanted a turn too!  Abbey was telling me, "Good job, mommy!"  Words of Affirmation is most definitely her love language.  Sweet girl!
If there is a boulder present to climb, he will climb it.
There is so much beauty to be seen!

On Friday, we played at the gorgeous Walnut creek while visiting Pioneer Farms. There really is so much beauty in this city!

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