Sunday, January 10, 2016

We have a Lil' four-year old!

I feel badly for Abbey being our second child.  There is definitely the "second child syndrome" thing going on around our household, especially when it comes to Abbey's birthday celebration.  It is definitely not intentional though.  It doesn't help that her birthday is just 9 days after Christmas.  We have Christmas (which involves tons of traveling to visit family), settle back into our house, unload suitcases, start to get back into a routine and then have the realization:  "Oh my! Abbey's birthday is in just a few days!"  Do you know she has never had a big birthday party?  And, the only parties she has had are with family--when we already happen to be visiting them for Christmas.   While we are there, we have a Christmas celebration, and then Drew and I make the "big" birthday plans for Abbey: "Oh hey, let's get a cake and have a quickly put together party for Abbey."  We've gotten by without having a "big party" for three years, but after Luke's Lego-themed birthday party this year, she began coming up with ideas for her big party.  As a family, we decided just before Luke's birthday this year, that we would only have "big" parties on even birthday years.  This way, Abbey and Luke would both get a big party a few months apart; and on odd years, the party will be more intimate with family only.

For Abbey's actual birthday this year on January 3, we let her pick out what she wanted to do for the day.  She could pick what meal she wanted, what special treat she wanted, and we even let her pick out her gift from Toys R Us.  I feel like it was such a lazy thing (on our part as parents) to do to let her plan her own special day.  But, she is also going to get a special party....on February 20. Is that terrible?  "Happy birthday Abbey---a month and a half late!"  Honestly, I figure that this separates it a bit from the holidays, and it gives me some time to plan it.  We have a lot going on this month, so I will need a couple of weeks in February to put everything together for the party that she wants.

I really hope Abbey doesn't feel that she is any less special than we truly think she is.  She is such a sweet, special, funny, joyful little girl.  So, with the rest of this post (a week after her actual birthday), I want to honor our special Abbey.  Here's is my picture letter to her...

Abbey, you are a little silly and a little sassy--always making us laugh!

Yet, you also have such a tender, sweet caring nature:

You love to jump!

But your favorite place to jump is in puddles just after the rain!

And you even enjoy jumping in puddles while it is raining!

You love to help mommy and daddy with whatever we are working on...

I love watching you learn!

You love art projects!  And I love your facial expressions that you exhibit while you are in the middle of creating your masterpieces.

I love watching you experience new things and try to figure out how things work...

You absolutely love to learn and ask to "do school" every day.  This past year you have become a beginning reader, you can count to 100 and beyond, count by 10's and by 5's, and have memorized many bible verses!   Your memory astounds me, and you often pick up new skills just by overhearing Luke and I work on specific things.  You are most definitely an auditory learner.

You love your brother immensely and look up to him so much.  (Of course, we also have our fair share of sibling fights as well, but it most frequently stems from your desire to have attention from him and play with him as much as possible.)

I love that you love playing, exploring and going on adventures as much as I do!

Abbey--you know how to work the pouty face and the big brown eyes already to get what you want.  This works especially well with daddy.

You are precious beyond words!

Happy 4th birthday to my funny, sweet, caring, loud, dainty, nurturing, sometimes dramatic, loving little daughter.  I love you dearly and way more than words or pictures could ever describe!  I can't wait to see you grow each day as a four-year-old!

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