Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The one day I gave my phone camera to my 4-year-old.

On 2/25/16 while Luke and I were doing some learning in our homeschool in the morning, I randomly decided to give my phone to Abbey.  I told her that her project for the day was to take photos.   And that is what she did.  By the end of the day, our family was going through the photos and laughing. The perspective of a 4 year old is so much fun!  Once Luke finished his sit-down schoolwork that morning, he wanted some turns too.  There were lots of "clicks" that day on my phone camera, and a lot of my phone memory was used that day.  In fact, the two of them took 174 photos.  But, it was definitely worth it.  Here is the fun, "Day in the Life of a 4-year-old and 6-year old" photo story.  (Don't worry, I didn't include every single photo.  :-)


Abbey discovered the front facing camera.   Selfie-time!

There were lots of photos of her stuffed animals.

It is sweet.   I guess these were some of her favorite things to play with.

Can you tell it is Luke's turn now?

It was time to get in the car to go to the grocery store. I realized as I was prepping our evening meal to put in the crock pot that I was out of garam masala spice.  I typically buy this in bulk.  Last time, I bought it at our local grocery store near our home, HEB.
A stop at HEB is not complete without a spin at the buddy buck machine.  Unfortunately, HEB didn't have my spice. 

Luke still has the camera.  Now, he has discovered the front facing camera. 
While we were in the HEB parking lot, someone I contacted through a craigslist ad told me the electric pencil sharpener I was interested in was still available.  We decided to head over to pick it up since we were already in the car and needed to go to the nearby whole foods for our spice anyway.  We were so excited about our $5 electronic pencil sharpener!

Time for Whole Foods.  Abbey has the camera now.

Luke loves the escalator.  As you can probably guess, he enjoys running up and down it.
Getting our spice in the bulk section.  Luke is making our label for the spice.

Abbey still has the camera.  She is riding in the top part of the cart.  Unfortunately, she decided to snap some photos of me while I was pushing the cart.

Luke wanted the camera back.
He took photos of TONS of fruits and veggies.  Here are just a few.

The kids were hungry by this point.  So, it was time to go to the taco bar for some black bean and cheese whole wheat tacos. 

tacos all over their faces.
Time to go down the escalator.  Luke has the camera.

There is our van!
As soon as we got home, the kids were excited to try out the new pencil sharpener. 

Every pencil in our home got sharpened.  Abbey has the camera again.

Luke and I finished up some of our Life of Fred math work.

Then, the kids and I went outside to do some experiments with magnets that were park of our Magic Schoolbus Scientist kit this month.

Abbey took this one.  It is upside down, but she told me, "Look mommy, I made a 'Y'".
Luke has the camera now.  He is going down the slide now.

random photos...the pool and poolhouse

from inside the trampoline, taking a photo of the pool.
It was a gorgeous day!
The kids decided to have a snack on the picnic blanket in the front yard and catch some rays.  Luke has the camera here. 

Abbey's sock.
Abbey's mouth.
Abbey's eye.

I grabbed the camera for this pic to give a different perspective. 
We decided to walk to the playground near our house to play for a bit.  We stopped by our neighbor's house to see if they wanted to come also.  They did.  Yay!  Abbey took this photo of our neighbor who is her age.

Luke took this photo of our neighbor who is his age.
While at the park, the kids decided to collaborate to build a house with some sticks and reeds.  These kids are always so project-focused when they play.  It is fun to watch.

Time to come back home for dinner.  And celebration ensues, because DADDY'S HOME!  Hooray!
The last photo Abbey took that day.  Her blood oranges.

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