Friday, June 10, 2016

May Homeschooling Adventures

We had so many happenings in May that were homeschool-related that there really were too many to mention!  Here are just some of the fun moments we experienced in May.

All of these kids love the Wild Kratts.  So, we decided to visit the Austin Zoo one morning to see lots of animals in person that they had learned about through watching the Wild Kratts. 

And, we even fed some of the animals while we were there.
Luke's end of year art project for his art class at his homeschool enrichment academy.  The students had to select an artist that they learned about during the year, and create a work of art inspired by that particular artist.  They also were required to provide a short biography on the artist. 
This was Frank Stella's piece, Shoubeegi, from 1978, which was Luke's inspiration for his project. 

Luke and Abbey also participate in a book club.  All of the kids read the same book and then participate in a deep, group discussion about the book.  The kids received tickets for answering questions and then used those to buy prizes.  The kids love book club!

Luke's homeschool enrichment academy had an end of the year "share day" and a field day.  It was a lot of fun to visit each class (he has music, character building, art, spanish, communications and P.E./health there) as a family and see what Luke has accomplished over the year.

Some of Luke's best buddies from the homeschool enrichment academy

Here is Luke sharing his Spanish family tree with all the parents at the end of the year "share day" for his homeschool enrichment academy.

Siblings got to attend field day too.  Here is Abbey and her friend, Lauren.

The fire department was there and demonstrated their equipment, while also talking about fire safety.

Tug of war is a must on field day!

And, of course, the old fashioned sack race.  Luke's second attempt was much better than his first. 
Here is Luke's first attempt:

(oops, he was a little eager to start.  But, he almost caught up even after the fall!)

We also visited the Zilker Botanical Garden's woodland Faerie exhibit.  Folks can sign up for a plot and create a little faerie home that is put on display for a certain period of time at the Garden.  It was so much fun to see how creative they were. 

There are lots of other things to explore there too!

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