Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Fun on the 4th of July

We have made it a big family tradition the past few years to head to my parents' house for a big extended family fourth of July celebration.  This year, we had a "blast" as we spent some time with family again on the 4th.

Before we shoot off fireworks, we head to the pond area to take family photos.

It's fun because we are all in coordinating colors. 
Plus, it's fun to see how the kids grow each year.  But, we were really missing mom this year. 

As always, we have to make sure there's a silly picture. 
And a cousins picture...

Then it's time to go play with fireworks.

Drew is ready!

We start with some kid friendly fireworks.

The kids always love the smoke bombs. 

Then our family friend, Rob, usually sets off a crazy amount of parachutes.  The kids (and, I will admit--the adults) love these!!!

The kids were a bit competitive in trying to get them.  You can see the dads thought that the extra height might help the little ones get the parachutes.

It didn't really help, but I am sure it is a special memory that they will remember.

So much joy in this photo.  I think this is the one that Rob set off that sent what seemed like hundreds of parachutes descending from the sky.

They are ready!!

Rob was set up and ready.  He has a big passion for fireworks and it shows.  He picked some amazing fireworks from Missouri where he goes to a special place to purchase them.  (His truck was full of fireworks!)

An amazing fireworks show!
Our tradition is for Drew to write something with a glow stick, while I take a photo in bulb mode.  He has a special talent for it, as you have to be able to write backwards and completely cover the glow stick in between each letter. 
What a fun time with family for the 4th!   It was also a hard time though, as we missed mom immensely.  This picture is from last year at the 4th.  We had to help mom up out of her wheelchair for the picture, as she had already begun to lose the ability to walk, and she was not herself.  But, it was good to still be able to hug her during our stay there.  I am thankful for pictures like this of us all together, which is why we make an effort to get the family picture on the 4th each year.  I find myself staring at old pictures of her (when she was herself) and watching videos where she is talking.  The latter is hard to find and I regret not having more of them.  We miss you, Mom! 

My siblings and I with my parents.

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