Saturday, August 6, 2016

Pooltime Fun!

We moved into our house about a year and a half ago.  One of the things I liked least about our home when we were looking to buy it was that it had a pool.  Drew and I were very anti-pool at our home for various reasons:  safety, maintenance, cost. But, the house had absolutely everything else we could imagine wanting in a home and more.  Plus, we really felt this was the home God completely led us to.  So, we bought it.

We are shocked at how much we love having a pool.  Y'all--it doesn't cost much to operate at all.  There is a fence around it and we aren't too concerned about the safety issues, since we are always with the kids when we use it.  And, maintenance is very simple.  We take care of it ourselves and it is extremely simple.  We have a robot who vacuums the bottom every night (he came with the house as well).  We have had so many fun family moments at our pool.  I am sure the kids will have great memories from swimming together in that pool!  I am so glad we jumped on buying this home.  And now, the pool is just one of those many reasons.  Who would have thought?  There is absolutely no way we would have ever paid to put a pool in at our home.  For one, it cost WAY too much money.  But, buying a house that already has a pool is like an added bonus.  Now, we know that.

We even hosted a whole afternoon block of private swim lessons for 2 weeks at our house for our kids and a lot of our friends.  The kids loved their lessons and progressed very quickly.  The lessons were such a big experience for Abbey, that she pretended she was the swim teacher for her stuffed animals over and over for a couple of months.  She would replicate her experience repeatedly with her stuffed animals, using the same language and key words that her swim teacher used.  It was fun to listen in on those pretending moments.

Abbey and one of her friends with their swim teacher.

Abbey and one of her friends shared a lesson since they were similar skill level.

Luke practicing his back float.
  Last Christmas I received a Go Pro as a gift and the pool is a really fun place to use it.

I am looking forward to seeing these kids grow as swimmers here.  Who knows, maybe someday they will be on a swim team?

Here is a fun video of some our swimming fun with the Go Pro:

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