Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Happy 7th Birthday, Luke

We have a 7-year old in the house, y'all!  For some reason, seven years old just seems like such a big age.  Our little guy is growing up into an awesome boy.

You have learned so much this year.  As a homeschooler...the world is your classroom.  So, you learned in so many different places.

Your sister, who looks up to you, was so excited to begin at your one day homeschool enrichment academy this year.  
You love to build and create.  You are a "maker" by nature.

You, like me, absolutely love the outdoors and exploration.

You will climb anything that is "climb-able".  :-)

You LOVE the water!

You love hanging out with your friends.

And you love playing all sorts of sports.

You love your family!

And you and your sister are forming a special bond.

Goodness, I could go on and on with some of my favorite glimpses of you this past year.   You are my little buddy, my sweet little helper.  You are obedient, kind, gentle, and a good friend to all.  You are my cuddler and will always happily oblige me when I ask for a hug or cuddle time.  In fact, when I do so, you come running to me.  I have loved watching you grow up a little more this past year, Luke.  I am savoring every moment of your youth and am so thankful God has called me to homeschool you, so I don't waste any moment of this gift of life God has given me with you.  I love you immensely, Luke.  :-)

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