Friday, November 18, 2016

It's Just Too Much! Our First Short Film

Today I am thankful for the days where we have nothing on our schedule.  The days that we get to spend entirely at home if we choose.  The days where free time abounds and creativity ensues...days like today.

Today Abbey and I talked about making a little movie.  We had absolutely nothing on our schedule that we HAD to get done, so we decided to turn this little idea into reality.  We made our first "short film."  We didn't spend much time preparing for this at all.  We literally just talked through the story line and then began filming.  There were plenty of mistakes, I am sure.  But, we had a blast.

Not only that, but it was a fun learning experience for the kids.  They got to see some of the work that is "behind the scenes" in movie making.   We had about 55 different scenes in our short 4 minute movie.  Of course, our scenes were all just a few seconds long, but still there were a lot of them.  Some of theme were "deleted" after we viewed them.  I showed them how to put the scenes in the "imovie" app.  We found different sounds and songs for free on the internet to use for our movie.  We talked about which transitions worked best from scene to scene.  And then, it was fun to show them the finished product.  There were lots of giggles cackles as we watched it together.  They just loved our first little movie.  So, I am sure there will be more of them...made on another day where we have nothing going on and the creative juices are flowing freely.

Without further adieu, here is our first short film:


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