Saturday, January 7, 2017

Abbey is 5 Years Old!

I can't believe Abbey is now 5 years old and we now have a 5 year old and a 7 year old!  We decided last year that we would have big birthday parties on even years and "special days" on our odd year birthdays.  So, since Abbey was turning 5 this year, she got to pick her own special day.  On Abbey's special day, we met friends at the park in the morning, met Drew for lunch, and then watched the movie, Trolls, in 3d with friends.  For dinner, Abbey requested homemade macaroni and cheese, with peas and corn mixed in.  The birthday dessert she selected was homemade chocolate cake, with chocolate icing, and chocolate ice cream.  The girl loves chocolate just like her mom and dad!

You love getting sung the "Happy Birthday" Song!

You were beyond thrilled to receive your first American Girl Doll.

You also received this Hello Kitty Mega Blocks Set (just like Legos).  It has over 220 pieces and it is the first set you completed all by yourself.  Usually, Luke offers to help you build your sets and you gladly accept.  You did such a good job and finished building the set in record time!

Every year I make the kids a special book.  This book is a photo journal of their past year, full of photos and commentary that highlights their personality.  Also, I highlight big events that we shared as a family and other fun memories.  Instead of writing a blog post all about Abbey, as I usually do on her birthday, I thought I would share print screens from her most recent "Year 5 book" that I made for her.  I am so glad I began doing this for Luke's first year and I highly recommend every family doing something of the sort.  My kids LOVE these books and I will be happy to give them all 18 of their books someday when they leave our home.  Even if you have more than two kiddos and the idea seems burdensome, one idea is to create a family yearbook for each year.  You could either buy each of the kids a copy of that or even just print one out per year.  It's a really good way to do something with all those pictures you take every year, since hardly anyone prints photos for albums or scrapbooks anymore.  The kids will love reading about their personalities at the different ages someday and will also love reading your special written words!  Abbey is so excited to receive this year's book in the mail!  We use Shutterfly, and we can usually find a coupon code for a big discount. Shutterfly has produced my favorite products out of the 3 different companies I have tried.  Here are screenshots from this year's book for Abbey:


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