Monday, January 23, 2017

What We're Eating This Week...

I have had several friends ask, (knowing that I meal plan on Mondays), whether I could post our dinner meal plan for the week in the form of a blog post.  I totally get it.  There are so many weeks where I wish someone could just tell me what to make!  But, it is tricky for us, because we follow a lot of "rules", for example, no refined sugars, nothing from packages (in other words, from scratch), mostly vegetable focused, etc.  We try to stay away from flours, but when we do use flour, we stick with Spelt, Homemade oat flour or 100% Whole Wheat (organic).  For the most part, we follow the rules from the "100 Days of Real Food" blog, however, we also add some additional rules, such as "beef is only eaten on rare occasion and when it is it is 100% grass fed and finished from local farmers."  Chicken is always completely pasture raised or organic.  We limit dairy and eat it on a minimal basis and also on special occasions.  With all of these rules, planning meals really is a chore. 

So, it really does make sense to share with others our meal plan and not let it go to waste on just our family.  I will share the love.  :-)

For breakfast, we typically eat homemade granola and fruit.  For snacks, we typically eat fruit, vegetables and hummus.  For lunch, we often eat sandwiches (with homemade bread or bread purchased from Great Harvest bread bakery), or leftovers from the previous night's dinner, or tacos, or big salads, along with fruit and vegetables.  We also love the Central Market organics blue corn tortilla chips.  These go great with Hummus (either homemade or Kirkland's organic hummus).  Here is our dinner meal plan for this week. 

MondayHoney Chipotle Chicken Bowls with Lime Quinoa This quinoa is delicious and makes an excellent addition to any salad!  Make the quinoa at the beginning of the week and enjoy it all week long for lunch!

Tuesday:  Leftovers

WednesdayReal Food Sloppy Joes (from the 100 days of real food blog).  For the buns, we make our own from scratch using this recipe:    Or, if we are in a rush, I can buy some locally baked from scratch whole wheat buns from a restaurant (Hopdoddy) for $2 for 6 buns baked the previous day.   We make sure the beef is 100% grass fed and finished and purchase this from local farmers.  Here is why you want to buy 100% grass fed and finished products:

Thursday:  Leftovers

FridayOne Pan Mexican Quinoa

I don't plan on Saturday and Sunday because our schedule varies and we usually eat out once or twice on the weekend since we are often out and about on adventures.  I let Drew help me with the weekend's meal plan on Saturday morning when we make our weekend's activity plans.  :-) 


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