Tuesday, February 21, 2017

A little bit country and a little bit rock n' roll

I love the City where God placed us.  We live in a suburb of Austin.  I love where we live.  We live on 1.57 acres and it really feels like we are in the country when at home.  Yet, we can be into Austin in just a few minutes and explore all of the wonderful things the city has to offer.   It is exactly what I like--a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll!   We are in Austin very regularly.  On Tuesday, after choir last week, we decided to head to South Austin and do a little graffiti art/mural tour.  We first enjoyed some pizza at Home Slice and then strolled around and snapped some photos next to fun murals.

We love all of the fun murals in our city.  There are a LOT of them!  We last blogged about the fun murals and our visits to them here (click "here" for link) and here.   If you are interested in knowing where to find all of these awesome art installations, here is a good list of mural art around Austin, but it is from 2014.  There are a lot more today.  Here is a little tour of some of the murals we visited on Valentine's Day last week.

Located at S. Congress and Elizabeth Street, near the Hey Cupcake food truck.
This one was funny to me.  I think neither one wanted to smile at this time for a photo, so the words on this mural were perfect!
I love this one!   It's located at the side of the "More Home Slice" Pizza shop.

This one was appropriate--since it was Valentine's Day!  It's located at the side of Jo's Coffee on South Congress.
Then we visited the HUGE outdoor graffiti art park at Castle Hill.  We pretty much were camped out there the rest of the afternoon.  For those who aren't aware of this place, it is located at 1008 Baylor St. in Austin.  There are so many pretty colors at this park.  And anyone can paint anything.  There were several different pieces of art being created while we were there.   You have to be careful though:  because anyone can create art, there are some inappropriate words in some areas as well.  Thankfully, the kids were more interested in climbing all over the walls on the multiple levels than they were in reading all of the things written on the walls.  



We met one of Luke's friends there as well.  The boys were walking at the top of this wall and I told them to wait right there for a moment while I snapped a photo.  They had no idea what was written below, but it is very appropriate for these 2 skinny boys!
"Believe in the Good Things Coming"


There are so many areas to climb!

Lots to explore.
cutie pattooti
ATX Love!
Happy Valentine's Day!


There is art all over town here--in random places.  I just love it!  We are explorers of not only nature (and this city provides a lot of opportunities to explore that), but we also love city exploration.  And this city is just awesome for both!

At dinner at our favorite Italian restaurant (which happens to be a food truck), Patrizi's.  Abbey is "saluting" at this lovely "Salute" sign.

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