Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Rain, Rain Go Away, So We Can Dance in the Puddles You Made!

Our kids love when it rains.  It offers different opportunities to play than other types of weather.  Everything is so green after a good rain.  Lots of critters are excited to come out and play after the rain.  And, of course, there are lots of fun puddles to jump in!   We have so many pictures we have collected over the years of the kids enjoying one of their favorite hobbies:

This was in 2013.
Big brother showed Abbey how to jump in the puddle.  Little did she know that this would become one of her favorite things to do!
 And here we are in May 2014.

And I even got a video of Abbey playing in that puddle above--she was 2 years old and I just love her voice!:

And then in May 2015...

And in October 2015:

And last week....

Last week, after a really good rain, we decided to head out after dinner and find some puddles to jump in.

Luke got lots of height on his puddle jumps.  Unfortunately, this was a tiny puddle.  So, we decided to wander a little further to find the best puddles.

We found some excellent puddles behind our house, near the park and trail.  

The kids didn't just enjoy jumping in the puddles.  They also loved just kicking the water.

Luke was wearing some of my rain boots since he outgrew his.  I can't believe he can wear the same size as me already!

Abbey decided she wanted to jump as high as Luke. 

And splash as high as he splashed.

I think she did it.

Jumping and kicking around in puddles is a lot of work.  The kids needed to sit down for just a minute.  And someone said something funny.

The kids soon realized that the insides of their boots were soaked even more than the outside.  Those were some big jumps and kicks that they were making!  So, they removed their boots and then we decided to take a walk on the trail....barefoot.

There is something very freeing about walking around barefoot outdoors.  Plus, it just feels so good--feeling the cool, wet grass under your toes, and the wet wood from the bridge.

And it wasn't long before we came upon one of our favorite spots on the trail:  the big Mulberry Tree.  We had to stop to have a snack.

You can tell Luke had some!!

Mulberry stains on fingers, toes and faces!

Finger licking good!

Our evenings with daddy our some of our favorites.  As are puddles!

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