Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Luke is 8 Years Old!

At 4:34am on this day eight (yes, 8) years ago, our sweet son, Luke was born.  He brought more joy than we thought was possible to us on that day, and he continues to bring us so much joy!  For each of the kids each year, I create a big photo book full of my favorite photos of them from the year.  The photos tell a story of our adventures, and really help to describe the kids' personalities.  These books are something that I treasure, and I know the kids do to.  In fact, when others ask our voracious reader, Abbey, about her favorite book series, she often replies, "my favorite books are the photo books my mom makes for us."  She reads them often and has them all memorized.  My plan is to give the kids 18-19 books that describe their childhood to take with them as they move into adulthood.  As I was creating Luke's photo book this year, I realized I had pulled 215 photos from the year that were my favorites and told his story.  Of course, that was WAY too many for the book, but there are just so many different parts of Luke that I want to make sure are represented.

So, here are just some of my favorites of those 215 photos in my annual blog post to him.

Luke, like me, you absolutely LOVE the outdoors.  Whether that be hiking, biking, climbing, jumping in puddles or even exploring our backyard, as long as you are outside, you are in your element.   

You absolutely love spending time with others.  I often call you my introverted extrovert.  You get filled up by being around other people.   But, you are also very reserved, and not loud, outgoing, nor do you want to be the center of attention. You just love people.  So, your favorite days are ones that you get to spend with your loved ones--whether that be family, or friends.


You are a hard worker and enjoy seeing the fruits of your labor.  

You love playing sports.  This past year you played two seasons of baseball and enjoyed it so much!   You were signed up this fall season as well, however, you got a ganglion cyst which made playing very painful.  So, you had to quit after just a couple of practices.  Lately, you have really enjoyed throwing the football every night with daddy.  But, you are game for any sport--and daddy and I can totally relate to that!

You are most definitely a maker!  Every day you are making something--whether that be creating with legos, taking apart old electronic toys and making something new out of them, or making treasures out of our trash.  I often hear from you, "Can I have that?", as I am getting ready to throw something away.  So, I have a whole space in our laundry room dedicated to the storage of used toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls, boxes, and more, just so you have supplies for your next creation.

building with Legos at a retirement home.

building bridges that can hold two cans at Lego club

you built a car for drive in movie night at AWANA.

Your relationship with your sister continues to grow.   I love the sound of you two giggling early in the morning as you play and pretend together.  As you get older, somehow you seem closer in age.  And although there are plenty of times where you fight, you sure do love each other and enjoy many of the same things.

Lastly, you are a family guy.  You can't wait for daddy to get home every night (and Abbey and I can't wait either), because our family feels whole again as we reunite.  We have so much fun together as our little family unit.  And just one of the many goals daddy and I have in raising you is to help encourage you to be an awesome husband and daddy someday.  I am pretty certain you are going to make an amazing husband and daddy someday based on what we see in you today. 

Luke, you are such a good kid!  You are sweet, kind, such a good helper, an awesome friend to many, so easy going, and just such an amazing kid.  You are loved by so many, our newly 8 year-old!!! 

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