Thursday, November 2, 2017

Inks Lake State Park Hiking and Camping Trip with Friends

Some of us crazy moms decided to take our 14 kiddos on an overnight camping trip without our hubbies.  Really?  What were we thinking?  Actually though, it ended up being a lot of fun and there is definitely strength in numbers.  We made so many memories on that trip.  I lead a hiking group of area homeschoolers, and we had a hike planned for Friday, October 27th at Inks Lake State Park.  I noticed there were surprisingly a lot of limited use cabins available for the night before, so I posted on our group page to see if anyone else would be interested in staying overnight the night before the hike.  6 of us moms accepted the challenge and I think we are all glad we did.  The weather was gorgeous on Thursday night.  We had smores, told ghost stories, explored, came across lots of critters (snakes, racoons, cool bugs) and have so many crazy stories to take away from this night.  A cold front came through that night though and it was WAY colder that next day (the day of our hike).   Check out the differences in attire from the first day (shorts and t-shirts) to the second day (winter wear).

On our way!

Our "limited use" cabin. The kids were working on their Junior Ranger badge activities. 

The first thing Luke did when we arrived was begin climbing the gorgeous trees outside our cabin. 

Some of the littles chatting around the fire.

As more kids arrived, more were in the trees.

The little kids loved playing hide and see around our cabins. 

Smores were a hit!

The boys loved playing and exploring all around our campsites.  I believe they were pretending to be adventurers searching for a sea monster.

Luke, Abbey and I shared a cabin with our friends, Ilene, Mason and Bella.  There were two sets of twin bunk beds in the cabin. Ilene and I slept on the bottom bunks, Abbey and Bella on the top bunks and our boys on air mattresses.  Us moms had a difficult time sleeping.  At one point, I needed to use the restroom (it was probably 1am).  So, I grabbed a flashlight and sneaked out of our cabin quietly as I didn't want to wake anyone.  The restroom was a bit of a walk away from our cabin.  Ilene didn't see me sneak out, but awakened and noticed a flashlight shining around our cabin (my flashlight).  She thought I was still in bed and that, perhaps, a park ranger was shining their flashlight around our cabin.  Afraid, she called her husband (who was back at her house) and told him that she thought someone was near our cabin.  Then, as I returned she was really afraid as she saw the flashlight again and heard the door handle jiggle as if someone was trying to enter the cabin (ha--I was).  She really freaked out as she saw someone enter and then approach my bed.  Once she saw the person get into my bed, she realized it was me.  But until then, she thought someone was approaching my bed to hurt me.  Ha!  We have a funny story to tell now.  

Hiking the next day:

Abbey and her friend, Bella.

Our crazy group of hikers, photo taken by our awesome hiking guide.

checking out a vernal pool.

Luke and Abbey and their friends, Mason and Bella earned a Junior Ranger badge.
Such a pretty campsite we had and amazing memories!
I can't wait until the next camping trip!

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