Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Wild and Free Book Club: Little House

We had our first book club through our local Wild and Free club on Thursday.  To prepare, we could read whatever Little House series books we desired.  We read Little House in the Big Woods and the Long Winter.  The kids really enjoyed reading these books together.  The Little House series is full of fun stories from Life on the Prairie during the pioneer days.  We laughed a lot while reading them together.  I think both kids could really relate to Laura Ingalls.

After reading the books, and even watching the first season of Little House on the Prairie, the kids were excited for the day of the Book Club.  The event was held at the Old Settler's Association, which ended up being just perfect for our group.  There was an old house that we had activities in and plenty of space outdoors to explore.  Outdoors, there were animals (chickens, goats, ducks, and donkeys), an old barn, old farm equipment, an old truck (definitely post-pioneer times though), and many old pioneer buildings to explore (including an outhouse).

When we arrived, Abbey spotted the quill pens and was excited to try those out.  She said to me, "Mommy, this is so hard."  Which was great--because she got to experience how simple tasks were a lot more difficult back in the pioneer days.  Although, today there are so many choices (gel pens, markers, crayons, oil pastels, charcoal, paint, etc.), which makes decision making a little more difficult. 



Back in the pioneer days, you couldn't just run to the grocery store, like HEB, and buy butter.  The kids got to experience how the pioneers made butter.  Here, my friend, Sarah, is explaining the process they were going to use. 


It required a lot of shaking.
But the reward at the end was homemade butter smeared onto a homemade corn muffin.  We also got to see a presentation from the Williamson Museum.  We got to see what the pioneers wore, how they made their clothes, and more. 


After the presentation, Abbey quickly discovered the paper doll activity station, while Luke ran outside to play with his friends. 



Then, we headed outside and visited the wood burning station.  This was the kids' favorite station, and we may need to invest in a wood burning tool.  This was fun!  Luke's friend, Austin, had a turn first.


Luke practiced for a bit before putting an "L" on the token that he chose to make a necklace out of.


putting an "L" on the wooden token

Abbey burned a leaf design on one side of her token, by taking a stamp and then wood burning over the stamped leaf.


Abbey burned an "A" on the other side.
After doing the wood burning, the kids were excited to explore the awesome property.


Abbey and her friend, Brynley, checking out the ducks and chickens.


The kids were just so adorable in their little bonnets!

Luke loved exploring this old barn.

His friend, Jack, enjoyed it as well.

Abbey discovered it later and wasted no time exploring.

The kids looked so cute in their Little House character-inspired clothes. 

There were so many old buildings to explore---there was a small house, a school house and more.  Each house had items set up inside to explore as well.
It was such a great time celebrating the book with our group.  We are looking forward to the next book club, in April!

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